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One Location, Multiple Dental Services

We take pride in being a multidisciplinary dentist office offering comprehensive dental services. Apart from the convenience this “one-stop-shop” provides, receiving multiple dental treatments at the same location guarantees that the same expertise and quality of care will be met no matter the procedures you undergo. Whether you visit us for preventive dentistry services or need gum grafting or dental implants, the expertise of our collaborative team is equipped to provide you with comprehensive and effective care that remains at the highest quality.

Our Comprehensive, Additional Services

We are personally committed to your complete oral health, especially as it relates to the health of your body as a whole. Building from a foundation of healthy gums, our talented team of dentists works with you to establish great oral health and achieve your smile goals. Providing these additional services is one way we bring you comprehensive dental care.

  • Teeth Grinding

    patient using mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding

    Teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) can be effectively treated with custom mouth guards that help prevent the teeth from touching during sleep.

  • Teeth

    patient receiving teeth whitening treatment

    Professional-grade teeth whitening, like ZOOM, whiten teeth faster and more effectively than over-the-counter brands available to the general public.

  • BOTOX®

    patient undergoing botox treatment

    Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, eyes, and forehead are smoothed and softened with injections that temporarily cause muscle paralysis.

  • Periodontal

    patient undergoing periodontal maintenance

    Quarterly deep cleanings above and below the surface of the teeth help to ensure that bacteria, plaque, and tartar do not build up after gum disease has already been treated.

  • Scaling And
    Root Planing

    dental patient getting scaling and root planning treatment

    Early stages of gum disease commonly only need scaling and root planing, which clears buildup on the teeth below the gum line and smooths the roots for gum reattachment.

  • Gum

    patient showing results from gum grafting procedure

    Gum recession necessitates gum grafting, in which soft tissue is placed over the exposed tooth roots to reestablish the proper coverage and stabilize the tooth.

Over Sixty Years of Empowering Patient Confidence

Our diverse team of doctors brings over sixty years of experience and special interests together to provide multidisciplinary dental care for the whole family. Because of this, you receive multiple treatment plans that directly reflect your individual oral health needs, while allowing you to choose one that best fits your smile goals and financial budget. In this way you are able to make an empowered decision about your oral health care and feel confident moving forward with treatment, no matter what path you take!

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