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Brighter smiles via Wilmington Dental Care teeth whitening

November 1, 2015

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A bright smile boosts self-confidence and gives a good impression. Learn how to get your best smile from Wilmington Dental Care teeth whitening.

How’s your quality of life? Do you think you could improve your self-confidence?  Teeth whitening at Wilmington Dental Care can help. A whiter smile definitely conveys a younger, more “put together” look. Wilmington Dental Care teeth whitening delivers smiles brighter by up to 10 shades in just about an hour at the dental office.


Do you hide your smile in public?

Many people cover their mouths when they smile or laugh in public. Frankly, they are ashamed of their yellowed, stained teeth. Dr. Kevin Guze and his associate dentists at Wilmington Family Dental understand that healthy teeth don’t always look attractive, and that’s downright embarrassing for their patients. In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that people surveyed regarding their smile aesthetics said they would love to have whiter, brighter teeth.

Whether facing an important job interview or professional presentation, getting married or going to a special occasion, older teens and adults want to look their best.  Perhaps they have tried over the counter whitening strips, toothpastes and rinses with limited success.

Wilmington teeth whitening safely and effectively powers out stains using dental grade hydrogen peroxide gel. Patients relax comfortably in the dental chair while the bleaching chemicals lift out stains in about an hour. People leave the office with a smile that remains sparkling for 1 to 3 years with good dental hygiene, professional cleanings, occasional whitening touch-ups and a healthy diet.

What stains a smile?

Not all tooth discoloration comes from food or smoking. Some comes from simple age, thinning enamel, root canal therapy or other tooth surface defects.  This kind of discoloration does not respond to professional teeth whitening. Other cosmetic services from Wilmington Dental Care, such as porcelain veneers, bonding and crowns, may be in order.

However, yellow teeth usually whiten well. Teeth yellow because the mineral matrix in tooth enamel holds onto organic matter from what we put in our mouths. The whitening gel is able to bleach and remove this organic material, leaving enamel substantially whiter.

Things which stain teeth are:

  • dark colored drinks such as red wine, tea, cola and coffee
  • dark foods such as soy sauce, blueberries and acidic items such as tomatoes
  • tobacco use–either chewing or smoking
  • drugs such as some hypertension medications, antibiotics and antihistamines

Dr. Guze and his dental team recommend limiting dietary choices that stain teeth, and also, they urge smoking cessation, joining with primary care physicians in the fight against nicotine addiction and supportive care for smokers.

Look good, feel good

How good your smile looks influences how good you feel. Improve the quality of your life with a cosmetic dentistry consultation at Wilmington Family Dental. Why not set an appointment today by contacting the office? You and your smile have nothing to lose and everything to smile about.

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