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Top 3 Tips For Athletes, Including Sportguards In Wilmington

May 12, 2017

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By following these strategies and wearing sportguards in Wilmington, athletes can keep their smiles and their overall health intact. Your children are following in your footsteps – they seemed to have received the athletic gene from you and your son is busy with football, while your daughter excels at soccer. You’ve always tried to set a good example for them in a healthy lifestyle, and are an avid bike rider. But with everything involved in being a good role model for active kids like these, is there anything you’re missing? Your dentist in Wilmington reminds you to take care of your smile if you’re an athlete. In this post, the team at Wilmington Family Dental teaches you the top 3 dental tips athletes need, including to wear sportsguards in Wilmington.

#1 – Mouthguards In Wilmington

Since our custom-made mouthguards help prevent dental trauma and absorb the shock that comes from an impact to the mouth and face, this piece of sports equipment is a must for all athletes, even those not involved in contact sports. Even if you’re a cyclist, these will protect against chips, breaks, and knocked-out teeth. And, sportguards can help prevent concussions, reducing the likelihood of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE.

#2 – Nix The Sports Drinks

While seemingly refreshing, sports drinks are loaded with sugar and impact your teeth negatively just like soda would. If you’re parched during a game of after a long stretch of activity, rehydrate with water. To make things tasty, you can use electrolyte packets available from your local drugstore to replenish minerals lost through vigorous exercise.

#3 – 2x2x2

Keeping tooth enamel and gums strong are key parts of preventing dental injuries, especially for athletes. Be sure to brush your teeth gently twice a day for two minutes, and floss at least once a day to clean areas that toothbrushes can’t reach. It’s vitally important that athletes see our team at least twice a year for preventive exams and cleanings, since our professional checkups can spot problems before they become apparent during an athletic competition.

So, even if you’re a hockey player, your smile doesn’t have to reflect your history of athletic feats. Follow the tips above to keep your smile healthy and bright during games as well as championship ceremonies by scheduling your appointment with Wilmington family Dental today!

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