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Do I Need to Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

September 13, 2017

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A woman having an examination. You’ve heard about wisdom teeth extractions. Your own have come in and they’re not causing pain. You wonder if you really need to remove your wisdom teeth? Are some people able to keep them? How do you know if an extraction is best for your situation? Here are the answers to your questions about wisdom teeth from your dentist in Wilmington.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth are your last set of molars to arrive around the ages of 18-25. They come in way back in your mouth behind your second molars. It’s typically recommended that third molars are extracted, and there are various reasons for this such as:

  • Not enough space: In many cases, there is not enough space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth and they may begin to crowd your other teeth. This especially causes issues for patients who have undergone orthodontia, or straightening their teeth.
  • They arrive at weird angles: Some wisdom teeth don’t come in straight, which can also cause problems for your other healthy teeth.
  • They are hard to keep clean: Brushing and flossing teeth at the very back of your mouth can be challenging. If you don’t keep them clean it increases your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease.
  • They remain impacted: Some third molars remain stuck below the gum line, or impacted, which can lead to an infection.

Am I a Candidate for Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Patients who have wisdom teeth that come in straight and can keep them properly brushed and flossed may be able to retain them. However, in most cases an extraction is recommended as wisdom teeth are not necessary in maintaining your oral health.

The best way to determine in you need to have yours removed is to have a thorough examination with your dentist. They will likely recommend x-rays to see what is happening internally and below the gum line with your wisdom teeth. Your dentist can make the proper recommendations for your specific needs.

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