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3 Things You Need to Know to Understand Your Dental Insurance

November 27, 2017

Insurance coverage formsIf you’re anything like the vast majority of people, merely thinking about your dental insurance policy can cause a headache. Dentists and dental staff members have years of experience working with dental insurance claims and documents on a daily basis, so it’s always best to consult with an expert when it comes to maximizing your dental insurance. However, there are a few simple dental insurance tricks you can use to make the most of your benefits.

1 – Use it Don’t Lose it

Every plan year you will pay your premiums, monthly payments for your annual insurance coverage, and each year, your dentist will provide a maximum benefit amount, typically about $1000. At the end of the year, your plan resets. Premiums and fees change and your dental insurance provider may change the coverage percentage for services. Before the end of the year, take advantage of the dental insurance investment you’ve made in 2017. Start with a call to a trusted dental care provider.

2 – In-Network VS Out of Network Providers

Finding an in-network dentist can save you a significant amount of money for even the simplest services. Every dental benefit plan outlines fees for services they consider to be usual and fair for your region. They then cover a specific percentage of that usual and fair amount. In-network dentists will agree to charge the insurance-prescribed fees for their services, so you will only need to cover the percentage of payment not provided by the insurance. If you choose to visit an out of network dentist, your insurance plan will likely still pay the percentage of their fair price for your treatment. However, the dental practice can charge any amount they deem fair, so you will likely need to pay your percentage of treatment costs as well as the difference between the charged price and your insurers usual fee.

3 – Prevention is Key

As is true in most oral health matters, preventive care is the key to success. Your dental insurance provider likely provides the highest percentage of coverage for preventive services, and all restorative care is covered at a lower percentage. By visiting the dentist for regular checkups and teeth cleanings, you receive the highest insurance coverage, and reduce your risk for advanced oral health concerns that are covered at lower percentages by your benefit plan.

Meet the Wilmington Family Dental Team

The Wilmington Family Dental team has years of experience processing and filing dental insurance claims. We are also in-network with the majority of PPO insurance plans, so you know you’ll always receive the highest quality care while maximizing your insurance benefits. If you have questions or want to schedule your second 2017 checkup and teeth cleaning, contact our Wilmington dental practice today. We welcome patients of all ages, offer a range of hours to fit your schedule, and we can even schedule your whole family to see us on the same day. Read or dentistry blog regularly to learn more about dental care from our Wilmington dentists and team members.

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