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Bone Grafting Restores Lost Jaw Bone

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The Critical Role of Your Jaw Bone

The jaw bone plays a critical role in the health and appearance of the smile. A healthy jaw bone anchors the teeth in the mouth and helps maintain facial structure. If teeth are lost or extracted and not replaced, it has direct consequences on the health of your jaw. The jaw will quickly begin to resorb, taking vital structure and volume with it. Those wanting dental implants to replace missing teeth may be told they are not candidates because of this lost bone. With bone grafting, we can rebuild jaw bone volume so you can receive one or multiple implants.

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“We have excellent long term studies that demonstrate wonderful results with bone graft that we know will last and provide the support for the implants.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Bone Grafting Process

Bone grafting takes healthy bone from a part of your body or safe bone material from a donor source and uses it to rebuild the volume of the jaw bone. Over time, proper bone height will be reestablished and the area will be at the correct volume and level of strength. Depending on your circumstances, bone grafting can be part of a sinus lift or to preserve the jaw bone ridge directly after a tooth has been extracted or to reshape the ridge line. Not only does bone grafting help to halt further jaw bone loss, but it expands your restorative options. Bone grafting paves the way for dental implants, which provide the necessary functional improvements to your smile by mimicking the stimulation of the jaw bone just like natural teeth.

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More Information On Bone Grafting

Am I a candidate for bone grafting?

  • Bone loss from missing teeth
  • Extractions without replacements
  • Interested in dental implants
  • Loss of facial features

Care from Dentists Experienced in Rebuilding Bone

Bone grafting is a common procedure we provide for patients on a routine basis and is one way we help patients regain an attractive facial structure with help from permanent restorative options like single or full-arch dental implants. We have expertise with intraoral structures, including the teeth and how they relate to the health of the jaw bone. This knowledge enables us to provide treatment that is tailored and most beneficial to you and your future oral health. If you have been told that your jaw bone loss is too severe to accommodate dental implants, please schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced dentists!

Restore a healthy, strong jaw with bone grafting!

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