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Significantly Improving Lives with Dental Implants

If you have been struggling with tooth loss, you are aware that even missing a single tooth can make it increasingly difficult to eat and speak. If you have lost one or more teeth, and it shows when you smile, you may feel discouraged or dejected by the loss of your smile aesthetics. While certain upfront cost-effective restorations, like dental bridges or dentures, offer adequate improvements to your smile, nothing compares to how significantly your life can be changed with the addition of dental implants. As the only permanent tooth replacement option available today, dental implants never budge when you eat or speak, improve the health of your jaw bone, and are as aesthetically-pleasing as natural, healthy teeth! We have the expertise on our team to both place and restore dental implants in our office, bringing you the highest quality of care throughout every step of your restorative journey.

dr kevin guze

“With the latest technology, we have the ability to make dental implant treatment look completely natural.”

Kevin Guze DMD

How Will Dental Implants Benefit Me?

On the surface level, dental implants are highly aesthetic, both looking and feeling like natural teeth. Under the surface, the dental implant post stimulates the jaw bone just like a healthy tooth root, which helps to retain your facial shape and keep your smile looking youthful. We are experienced in all facets of dental implants, utilizing sedation dentistry and advanced technology to guide us during surgery to ensure the most predictable outcomes possible. In addition, we have the expertise to craft custom-made dental crowns in-house so your dental implants can be restored by the same experienced doctors who placed them. Once treatment is complete, tooth function will be fully restored, along with the appearance of your smile!

The benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improved smile aesthetics
  • Restored biting and chewing
  • Halting of jaw bone loss
  • Improved oral health
  • Strong, stable, and permanent

Expert Care from Beginning to End

We take pride in offering advanced dental care that improves the whole health of our patients. From beginning to end, your treatment plan will be created based off the collaboration of experienced doctors who are each specialized in different steps of your treatment. Under the care of our multidisciplinary team, you will benefit from the comprehensiveness, convenience, and most importantly, the quality of our restorative care!

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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Diane's Experience With Dental Implants

Have your dental implants placed and restored by our exceptional team!

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