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Merging Functional Needs and Aesthetic Expectations

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Bring Back an Aesthetic, Youthful Smile

If you have missing teeth, modern partial and full dentures can be an effective and budget-friendly solution for rebuilding a failing smile. Today’s dentures offer patients with tooth loss a restoration that effectively meets both their functional needs and their aesthetic expectations. With the introduction to new and better materials, dentures are now more natural in appearance and comfortable to wear. A custom-fit denture provides a boost in self-confidence by restoring the ability to eat a wider variety of foods, speaking with more clarity, and most notably, bringing back an aesthetic, youthful smile.

Dentures Tailored to Fit YOU

All of our dentures are custom crafted, fitting to your unique face to fill out the cheeks without appearing bulky or unnatural. Made from the highest quality materials, these dentures will rest comfortably on the gums, and look and feel lifelike, giving you the confidence of a highly aesthetic smile that also improves your oral function. In addition, while your permanent denture is being created, we provide a custom temporary denture you can wear, so you do not have to go another day without teeth! Once your permanent denture is ready, we work together to define the most comfortable and aesthetic fit.

The benefits of modern dentures include:

  • Substantial boost in self-esteem
  • An improvement of facial shape
  • Natural fit and appearance
  • Custom fit for increased comfort
  • Helps to support facial muscles
  • High-quality, though cost-effective

Securing an Aesthetic, Confident Smile

Low-quality and ill-fitting dentures do more harm than good, increasing mobility of the denture, difficulty or pain when eating, and other concerns. We strive to help you feel as confident and comfortable as possible with your new dentures. With over sixty years of specialized experience, we are skilled at creating custom dentures that feel secure and look as natural as possible. With the proper custom-fit restoration, you will see a dramatic boost in your facial aesthetics and will find that you can once again smile and talk with confidence!

Dentures meet functional needs and match aesthetic expectations!

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