Dr. Alaa Ahmed

Dr. Alaa Ahmed

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Dr. Alaa Ahmed

When Dr. Alaa Ahmed was sixteen, his father suffered from a toothache. After a visit to the dentist, his dad felt 100% better. “This was a life-changer for me. I saw him in pain, and then he had no pain.”

Thus began Dr. Ahmed’s devotion to dentistry.

He pursued his passion first in Cairo, Egypt, and then in the United States, receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine and his Doctorate of Medical Sciences from Harvard School of Dental Medicine, with a specialty in Periodontology.

Dr. Ahmed uses his extensive knowledge and expertise to provide solutions that are uniquely right for each patient. His ongoing advice for patients is to adhere to a serious daily regimen of prevention and care. “If people are mindful of this, they’d save themselves money and avoidable medical treatment and visits.”

Eager to expand his education, Dr. Ahmed conducts research at The Forsyth Institute, teaches as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Periodontology and Oral Biology at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine and takes state-of-the-art classes throughout the country.

In his free time, he enjoys fishing, playing soccer, and reading about history. His favorite childhood novel was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, especially the scene where a child loses a tooth and the amiable dentist solves his problems.

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