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Protecting Wilmington Smiles with Preventive Dentistry

According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, “Invincibility lies in defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.” This idiom is a great mantra for preventive dental care. Daily brushing and flossing are our patients’ best defenses against the attacks of acidic bacteria, and biennial dental checkups are the chance to attack when oral health concerns first arise. At Wilmington Family Dental, we offer Woburn area residents the opportunity to win daily dental battles and the war, earning the ultimate victor’s prize – a lifetime of healthy smiles. With the Wilmington, MA dentists as your allies, you can maintain your optimal oral health every day.

Checkups & Screenings

At semiannual dental examinations and checkups, we provide periodic X-rays, tooth by tooth examination, screenings for major dental concerns, and a personal consultation to help patients understand the current state of their oral health and any recommended treatments. We truly go above and beyond to provide Reading, MA residents the preventive care they need. Most dental practices offer tooth decay and gum disease examination and charting, and so do we. However, our screenings go beyond this basic level. Our doctors screen for bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), TMJ dysfunction, and oral cancer. All of these conditions are treatable when diagnosed in the earliest stages, and that is our goal.

Hygiene & Teeth Cleaning

Our dentists are dedicated to undergoing continuing education so that they can improve and maintain their knowledge and expertise, and we know that patients benefit from continual exposure to the best oral hygiene practices (especially the littlest members of your family). That’s why we’re happy to offer hygiene tips and demonstrations for patients during their six-month teeth cleaning appointments. Coupled with outstanding at-home dental care, thorough teeth cleanings from Wilmington Family Dental provide the first line of resistance against the majority of oral health concerns and are essential when it comes to removing dental calculus that can’t be eradicated with brushing and flossing alone.



Dental Sealants & Fluoride Treatments

For teeth that are more susceptible to decay, we provide dental sealants and fluoride treatments. We typically recommend these options for younger patients, but any patient at elevated risk for dental decay should consider sealants or fluoride to protect and fortify their smile. Dental sealants apply a thin layer of plastic to the biting surface of molars to protect them from bacteria buildup. Because the molars are typically relied on for chewing, deep grooves can be worn into the occlusal surfaces, creating ideal areas for bacteria to grow. Dental sealants fill in these areas and protect teeth from decay. Fluoride treatments are used to strengthen teeth. Fluoride raises the mouth’s pH balance, neutralizing acidic bacteria and attracting fortifying basic minerals to strengthen and demineralize dentition.

Mouthguards & Sportguards

It’s a commonly held belief that athletic mouthguards or sportsguards are used to prevent tooth avulsion (knocked out tooth), but in all honesty, sportsguards protect the wearer from a wide range of injuries. While you’re likely to notice right away if your tooth is knocked out, athletic mouthguards prevent some less obvious damage like dental fractures and tooth displacement. Additionally, sportsguards can protect against soft-tissue injuries and jaw fractures. The increasing number of concussions and their long term effects have many people choosing not to play sports at all, but studies indicate that mouthguards may even protect the wearer from concussions. Wearing a mouthguard can be uncomfortable, but custom-made guards from Wilmington Family Dental fit more naturally than store bought, one size fits all guards, making them easier and safer to wear.

Nightguards to Treat Bruxism

Habitual, aggressive teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism, unsurprisingly has adverse effects on teeth. It wears down tooth enamel, leaving teeth more susceptible to bacteria. It is difficult to stop bruxism as it typically occurs while the patient is asleep. To protect teeth from the damage caused by unconscious grinding and clenching, we recommend wearing a night guard. There are numerous types of nightguards available to ensure the comfort and safety of the wearer throughout the night.

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