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Restoring Wilmington Smiles with Restorative Dentistry

Wilmington Family Dental strives to help Tewksbury residents stop dental damage before it starts, but even the best preventive dentistry can fall short. When it does, our team is here to help you get your naturally beautiful smile back. Our team provides patients with quality restorative dentistry services that repair not only dental function, but the cosmetic appearance of teeth as well. You wouldn’t expect any auto body shop to remove the dents from your car but leave the paint chipped and scratched, and we don’t think our smile restoration is complete until your smile looks as good as it feels.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are used to restore teeth with severe damage or replace between one and three consecutive teeth. Dental crowns can be crafted from a variety of materials, including metal amalgams, gold, metal supported ceramic, and all-ceramic. The best material for your restoration depends on the size and location of the tooth, as well as your overall oral health. Our Burlington, MA dentists work with patients to determine what material offers the best solution for their unique dental needs.

Crowns restore broken, fractured, or root canal treated teeth. Because we always want to preserve natural dentition, crowns offer an effective solution to maintaining natural dental structure while repairing the look and feel of the tooth and protecting teeth from further damage or decay. Crowns are essentially caps that fit over existing dental structure. When a patient has between one and three missing teeth in a row, crowns can be attached to “bridge” teeth as a permanent tooth replacement option. The teeth on either side of the empty socket are prepared for crowns; our doctors take impressions of the prepared teeth and empty socket, as well as full mouth impressions for our dental lab. At the lab, ceramists create a dental bridge, a custom crafted set of replacement teeth to be affixed as a single unit, filling the gap left by missing teeth. These prosthetic teeth look, feel, and function like a natural continuation of your smile, and they require no special care. Simply floss and brush daily, as well as visit our Billerica dental practice twice a year in order to maintain your fully restored, healthy smile.

Root Canal Therapy

You may be aware that your tooth is comprised of three main layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp. Tooth decay or infection that reaches the interior layer of the tooth requires root canal therapy to be restored to full health. During root canal treatment, pulp and infection are removed from the tooth by using progressively larger dental files. Once this interior tissue is removed, we’ll replace it with gutta percha. This is a natural material similar to gum that will provide support for your repaired tooth. The hole used to evacuate the pulp is then filled, and a crown is placed to fortify and protect the treated tooth. Based on the severity of infection, antibiotic treatment may be necessary before the tooth can be fully restored.

Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Teeth

While we strive to preserve patients’ teeth, there are times when dental damage is too severe. In those cases, we will need to extract your tooth. Tooth extraction can be either surgical or nonsurgical, which depends on the reason for extraction. If we’re able to clamp the remaining tooth with forceps, it can be extracted by “pulling” from the socket. For teeth that haven’t erupted or that are broken off at the root, surgical removal is required.

The most commonly extracted teeth are 3rd molars, often referred to as wisdom teeth. Wilmington Family Dental most frequently recommends removing wisdom teeth due to impaction or crowding. Impaction occurs when teeth are unable to erupt. When 3rd molars are not removed from the gums, they begin to decay and can damage the surrounding teeth. If wisdom teeth are able to erupt, the mouth still may not have adequate space to accommodate the additional teeth. If these molars are not removed, the crowding can lead to bite misalignment. It’s easier to remove wisdom teeth shortly after they develop. The longer the teeth remain, the tighter they can fuse to the jawbone, increasing the difficulty of removal. This is why adult wisdom tooth extraction often takes longer to heal and can be more painful.

Dentures & Partials

For patients who have suffered tooth loss, Wilmington Family Dental offers full and partial dentures to restore your smile. Dentures are the traditional option to replace a full upper or lower arch or both arches. Dentures are custom crafted replacement teeth affixed to a base that resembles gum tissue. These dental prosthetics are attached using natural suction or dental adhesive. Partial dentures, often referred to simply as partials, are removable replacement teeth that fill in multiple consecutive and nonconsecutive dental gaps. Partials are held in place using metal clips or brackets.

Wilmington Family Dental uses traditional full and partial dentures to restore smiles every day, but our practice is committed to providing patients a variety of oral health care options that utilize the latest techniques and technologies. When it comes to tooth replacement, our Woburn area dental practice is at the forefront of dental prosthetic treatment. We offer implant-supported full and partial dentures, as well as the innovative Valplast partial. Implant-supported dentures utilize stabilizing titanium posts placed below the gum line to support a permanently affixed dental prosthetic. This versatile, unique dental restoration technology is able to replace not just the visible surface of teeth, but the root as well, making it a much more stable restoration option. Valplast partials are comparable to a combination of traditional partials and dentures. Rather than connecting to teeth-using metallic clips, Valplast partials adhere to surrounding teeth with a natural looking nylon base. These removable partial dentures are flexible, comfortable, and require very little dental preparation before placement.

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