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Innovative Care that Saves You Time

Dental crowns are one of our most common restorative options available to our patients. Crowns can restore a dental implant, protect a tooth after root canal treatment and restore shape to a cracked or chipped tooth, helping to preserve health and prevent further damage. Traditional dental crowns and dental bridges require a two-visit treatment, first to shape the tooth and take impressions and second to restore the permanent crown. In the interim, a temporary crown covers the tooth, which is not as durable or customized and requires more careful oral care and avoidance of certain foods. In order to provide the most convenient and comfortable experiences for our patients, we acquired innovative advanced technology that allows us to create highly aesthetic dental crowns and dental bridges in just one appointment. This cuts treatment time virtually in half, saving you time and unnecessary discomfort!

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“We can design a tooth while the patient is sitting in a chair, within half an hour we can provide a wonderful long lasting restoration for them, and they can leave the same day with that restoration.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Quality Restorations in Hours, Not Weeks

Utilizing 3D software and technology, we can effectively scan images of your teeth, without using messy impression molds. This means that we have full digital access to the tooth that needs a dental crown, in addition to the surrounding teeth, helping us create a more aesthetically customized and snugly fitted restoration. Our E4D system mills the dental crown in-office so you can receive a high-quality, custom fitted and colored crown or dental bridge in a matter of hours, not weeks! If your crown falls off and needs immediate replacement, you are too busy for multiple visits, or you are just now in need of a crown or bridge, nothing beats the ease and convenience at which we can provide a quality restoration.

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The CEREC Restoration Process

How do same-day dental crowns benefit me?

  • Eliminates uncomfortable temporaries
  • Treatment time virtually cut in half
  • Highly custom, quality restorations
  • Immediate improvement of your smile

We Are Involved in Every Step of the Process

If you need a dental crown, you deserve to have your smile restored as conveniently as possible! Our team has undergone the required training in this software, utilizing all facets of this technology to create custom restorations that are more tailored to your specific needs. With this technology all in-house, we can further guarantee that your restorations will be as perfect as possible as our team will be specifically involved in every step of the process—from digital intraoral scanning to the final polish of your dental crown. No more temporaries, waiting for an outside lab, or coming in for multiple appointments!

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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Diane's Experience With Dental Crowns
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Irene's Experience With Dental Crowns

Experience the convenience of custom same-day dental crowns!

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